College establishes two new chemistry lectureships in honor of Yuan Tseh Lee and William Lester

Yuan T. Lee and William Lester

A newly endowed lectureship has been established in honor of Nobel Laureate and Professor Emeritus Yuan Tseh Lee. The lectureship is intended to invite distinguished scholars in the field of chemistry to present their research at an annual presentation at the College. The first lecture will be given by Prof. Lee in the fall of 2021.

The lectureship was established by gifts from College alumni Professor of Chemistry Daniel M. Neumark (Ph.D. ’84, Chem), and Ellen B. Neumark, in memory of Prof. Neumark’s parents George and Miriam Neumark. Additional gifts were made by Ted Hou (Ph.D. ’95, Chem) and Sophie Wang (Ph.D. ’96, Chem); Laura Smoliar (Ph.D. ’95, Chem) and Mark Arbore; and College Advisory Board member Ron Silva (B.S. ’76, Chem) (J.D. ’79, JFK University) and Lauren Silva.

The College has also established a lectureship to honor Professor of the Graduate School William Lester. The lectureship is intended to welcome distinguished underrepresented minority (URM) scholars to present their research and engage in discourse about their experiences and challenges of becoming scientists. Professor Lester said of the lectureship, “The thrust of this lecture is that it will add to the positive direction in diversity programming underway in various sectors nationally.”

Douglas Clark, Dean of the College remarked, “Bill Lester is a great scientist and wonderful colleague who has made important contributions to the College and our profession on many levels, including his tireless efforts to promote diversity within chemical education and professional practice. He is an exemplary role model, and I cannot imagine a better way to recognize his legacy.”

The first lecture was presented by the President’s Distinguished Professor and Professor of Chemistry Joe Francisco from the University of Pennsylvania in.