The fourth Edition of Electrochemical Systems is now available

The long-anticipated fourth edition of Electrochemical Systems by Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professors John Newman and Nitash P. Balsara is now available. The fourth edition updates all of the chapters, adds content on lithium battery electrolyte characterization and polymer electrolytes and includes a new chapter on impedance spectroscopy. Topics covered include electrochemical theories as they relate to the understanding of electrochemical systems; the foundations of thermodynamics; chemical kinetics; transport phenomena including the electrical potential and charged specials; and how to apply electrochemical principles to systems analysis and mathematical modeling.

According to Prof. Newman, “The book can be used to model and understand a variety of electrochemical systems, first: batteries, second: hydrogen-and oxygen-based fuel cells, third: corrosion, fourth: production of aluminum and chlorine (electrochemical synthesis); fifth: biological systems; sixth: electroplating and electro-finishing; and lastly, renewable energy.”

Prof. Balsara stated, “A lot has happened in the battery space since 2004 when the third edition was released. Lithium-ion batteries have dominated, and continue to dominate, the energy landscape in an increasingly important way, from the point of view of transportation and other energy needs.”